Sports performance is a more encompassing term than just “strength and conditioning.” It involves all aspects of making an athlete faster, stronger, and more injury resistant. More than just lifting weights and running fast, sports performance involves creating good sleep and nutritional habits, building positive character traits, as well as setting and reaching measurable and attainable goals with regard to physical gains.

Simply put, there’s no better time to strike. There are numerous skill acquisition and speed development windows that open and close during an athlete’s early life. It will never be easier to learn new motor programs or develop new athletic traits than it is in these windows.

Additionally, a young athlete’s body is constantly changing. Repeated growth alters an athlete’s movement, requiring the constant practice of foundational patterns, such as sprinting mechanics to ensure they transfer to the “new body.”

Finally, longer limb length comes quickly. Muscle growth and strength do not. It’s imperative during growth, to train during these growth cycles to ensure athletes have the requisite strength to maintain healthy joints and resist injury.

We assist all athletes in reaching their goals. The large majority of athletes need similar things in the earlier stages of their development. Regardless of the sport or competition level, we want to help your athlete take the next step in their development.

We absolutely do. Girls need speed, strength, and agility development as much as the boys do. In fact, female athletes are significantly more likely to experience serious knee injuries than male athletes. Strength and conditioning then becomes a crucial intervention to keeping talented girls in the game vs. on the injury shelf!

In order to become a coach, instructor, or trainer at FSP, candidates must have completed a minimum of a four-year degree in an exercise science-related field at an accreditted college or university.

In addition to these requirements, candidates must hold and maintain accreditted certifications provided by a leading certification provider such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

By maintaining these high standards for our coaches, trainers, and instructors, we are able to maintain our lofty standards for your training and programming and provide you with consistently elite instruction every single workout.

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