In sports, speed wins. At FSP, athletes sprint faster, hit harder, throw with more velocity, and reduce their risk of injury as they master proper technique and efficient performance of field-proven multi-direction plyometric, speed, and agility drills. They’ll advance through multiple Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting progressions in a collegiate-style program scaled to the elementary/ middle school/ high school athlete and instructed by battle-tested degreed and certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches. FSP’s Sports Performance Training Program was designed by athletes, for athletes, to properly develop athletic foundation and improve upon it year-round with each athlete testing periodically to ensure proper development using evidence-based assessment protocols.​

At the beginning of their sports performance training programs, athletes will learn foundational movement patterns critical to success in all sports and levels of athletics. It’s important to understand that no two athletes are alike. Varying limb lengths, muscle fiber-type distributions, heights, and weights mean that athletes have very different biomechanical requirements for pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging. FSP athletes are initially progressed slowly as they master a strong foundation and acquire new motor programs. As they advance through the phases, their training intensity increases, with new set/rep schemes and more difficult progressions of each exercise and drill being prescribed. ​


fsp youth athlete performing banded lateral walks


Get your Elementary School athlete off to the right start. Our Youth Athlete program establishes healthy foundations of movement and athletic skills that advanced skills are ultimately built upon.

There’s a window of opportunity in a child’s development where they are most receptive to new motor programs and the concept of emotional maturity.

With FSP, your child will learn to run faster, jump higher, learn new motor skills, improve confidence, and have a great time doing it!


Get your Middle School or High School athlete the edge they need to dominate their level. FSP’s flagship sports performance program helps athletes develop 1st step speed, dynamic strength, explosive power, and durability to last the season.

Athletes in this age level have a “strength window” where their ability to develop a strength and power foundation is at an all-time high.

Maximize your athletic performance, reduce the chances of future injuries, and build lifelong confidence, all while learning how to sprint faster, hit harder, and throw with more velocity!

fsp elite athletes performing box jumps
fsp athlete performing snatch


The Premier Athlete program is the next level in sports performance training. Offered in the summers and designed for off-season athletes HS-level athletes, the Premier Athlete program offers Elite players the edge to dominate their sport for the coming season.

Through a rigorous 4-day a week program, athletes develop physical dominance and mental toughness while building on the foundations of efficient human movement.

Maximize your chances of achieving your scholarship with FSP.


Prepare your team for battle with FSP. Regardless of the sport or the time of year, we design programs specifically for your team.

We focus on improving your athletes’ strength, power, and speed while always striving to minimize their risk of injury. Your team is automatically better if the athletes stay in the game.

Whether your team’s goal is to win a championship, make the playoffs, or have fun, you have a home here. Gain an advantage over your rivals and build team chemistry and the bonds of camaraderie while improving performance.

fsp athletes performing hurdle jumps
fsp athlete performing hang power snatches


Are you in post-rehab or looking for a little extra attention to gain an edge on your competition? Look no further.

FSP’s degreed and certified coaches are ready to design a program tailored just for you and your needs, both as an athlete and as an individual.

Whether you need private sessions to fine-tune your game or to better fit into your busy schedule, we’re here to help you build the strength, speed, power, and injury resistance to keep you in the game for years to come.


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